Are Termites Hiding In Your Home's Framework?

Contact us for termite control or prevention in Beaufort, SC

Termites are tenacious wood-destroying insects that can cause major damage to your home's structure in as little as three months. If you suspect that termites have burrowed their way inside your baseboards, contact Beaufort Pest Control, LLC immediately. We offer reliable termite control services in the Beaufort, SC area.

Rely on us to rid your home or business of termites before they cause costly damage. Reach out to Beaufort Pest Control today to take advantage of our termite control services. We'll head to your location in the Beaufort, SC area at your convenience.

Keep your home protected for years

Beaufort Pest Control also offers comprehensive termite prevention services. Once we treat your home the first time, we can return periodically to make sure they don't come back. Our termite prevention plan includes:

  • Custom termite treatments based on your home's layout
  • Annual slab foundation treatments
  • Annual crawlspace treatments
  • A five-year warranty on our work
  • Affordable annual renewals
Call 843-379-0185 today to learn more about our termite prevention plan. Your prevention plan renewals keep your warranty valid and are based on your home's layout.